10 High-Earning Jobs That You Don’t Need A Degree For

University isn’t the only path.


Thanks to skyrocketing tuition fees, many young adults are steering away from the university path in favour of going straight into work.

It’s hardly a surprise, while university can be described as the best years of some people’s lives, it’s definitely not for everyone.

With the money now involved there’s an added element of risk in that students are burdened with insane levels of debt with no real guarantee of work following your time studying.

Should you opt against the education route, there are still plenty of career prospects that hold high money-earning potential – Here are ten of the highest according to job search site Monster.



This path obviously requires a decent level of fitness, firefighters also have to pass written exams and aptitude tests.

Managers can expect around £30k while Station Managers could collect upwards of £40k.


Police Constable

Police wages and roles really can vary. Salaries start at around £20k and can reach upwards of £45k for Sergeants.

If you progress onto Inspector level there’s potential to earn around £50k.



Sure this is a pretty open-ended option but that means the possibilities are quite literally endless.


Train and Tram Drivers

Newly-qualified drivers can earn up to £25,000 while experienced ones can make a tidy £50k.


Training Managers

Again this can be quite varied depending on where the manager ends up working. However the national Training Manager salary is £37k with the potential for more depending on the company.


Project Manager

Another role that varies dependant on company but a generous average salary of around £40k.


Air Traffic Controller

While no degree is needed, there is three years’ worth of training to gain an air traffic control licence from the National Air Traffic Services.

Salaries start at £17k to £21k while experienced controllers can earn up to £50k.


Sales Managers

While basic wages may not be anything to shout about, around £18k, Sales Managers do have the potential to earn the big bucks dependant on performance and could reach up to £100k.


Construction Manager

If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty now and again Construction Managers can earn upwards of £50k.

Some of the work can be done from an office but the role would also require working on site.


Hazardous-Waste Manager

While it may not sound like the most appealing job out there, the £36k salary goes some way in softening that blow.

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