11-Year-Old Pens Touching Viral Letter To ‘Inspiration’ Anne Hegerty

The Chaser has become a fan-favourite already.


As the nation buckles down for their nightly routine of I’m a Celebrity for the next few weeks, one contestant has already had praise heaped on.

Anne Hegerty, the brainy lady from The Chase, has Asperger’s a developmental disorder characterised by significant difficulties in social interaction and nonverbal communication, along with restricted and repetitive patterns of behaviour and interests.

Fans praised the contestant for opening up about her condition with fellow campmate and former EastEnders actress Rita Simons.

“I didn’t raise the autism issue. It’s not like: ‘I want you to know I have this interesting disability that you have to accommodate’,” Anne explained.

“If someone else raises it then I make it quite clear that I’m happy to talk about it.”

Following the show, Kate Jarvis shared a letter, penned by her 11-year-old son who has Autism that thanked Anne for talking about the condition.

The letter was even picked up by last year’s winner, Georgia Toffolo.

On Sunday’s launch show Anne was upset and told her fellow celebrity contestants: “I’m just really, really close to saying I can’t do this.”

In footage filmed before entering the jungle she said: “I’ve had to learn a lot about what I can and can’t do and what I can and can’t cope with.”

Her fellow Chaser, Jenny Ryan has also praised Anne on Twitter for her courage.

Rita’s discussion with Anne led to her revealing that she has an obsessive compulsive disorder diagnosis.

“I used to be a real light switcher, tap checker. I’d spend hours doing it. It’s almost the complete opposite of you because yours is all logical and mine is all illogical,” Rita said.

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