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A Pink Puppy Called Piglet Has Over 100K Followers For A Very Good Reason

This is so wholesome.

Every now and again, you can find a wholesome Instagram ‘influencer’ to follow. Whether its a baby with ridiculously long hair, or Doug The Pug, they come and stay and we’re 100% here for it.

But the latest pooch who has caught the public’s eye is Piglet. He’s a mix of a Dachshund-Chihuahua, he weighs around one pound, and the pink puppy was born deaf and blind alongside 37 other pups.

He’s also become a bit of an icon for representing people who are different in life, and does his bit to travel round and remind children that it’s okay if you’re not the same as everyone else. How WHOLESOME.

Writing a bit more about the extremely good boy on a post by his owners on his official Instagram account, “Piglet is a double dapple doxie chihuahua mix. He was born in a hoarding situation. When two dapple color patterned dogs breed there is a 25% chance each puppy will receive two dapple genes. This is called “double dapple” or double merle which is linked to congenital ear and eye defects. Piglet is deaf and blind. 

Piglet faces his challenges with a positive attitude. This is called a Piglet Mindset. He is an exceptional growth mindset model for children and adults. Our Piglet Mindset Educational Outreach Program is available on Piglet’s website for classroom use (free downloads). We are happy to support teachers who introduce Piglet to their students.

Piglet is an animal welfare advocate. He encourages spay and neuter, educates about the severe consequences of double dapple breeding, and he encourages adoption of special needs pets. 

His owners also revealed that so far, fundraising efforts have exceeded over $30,000 which they’ve donated to special needs dog rescues and other nonprofit organisations. What an absolutely incredible way to celebrate a dogs life, and also encourage others to fight for what’s important.

If you want to find out more about this absolute cutie, then head on over to Piglet’s official Instagram where you can find out all about his day-to-day life and the incredible things both his family and himself are doing.

[Featured Image Credit: @PinkPigletPuppy Instagram]

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