A powerhouse in multi-format, online and offline entertainment – spanning across video, social content, editorial, brand partnerships and events.

From putting a humorous spin on our first hand experience of university life to becoming Europe’s biggest and fastest growing student community, we have developed into a viral sensation, one of the most prominent publishers on the web and a brand that is truly one of a kind in everything we do.

Whether it’s making someone laugh with cutting edge content, relate to an article or offering genuine support on an important issue, we pride ourselves on being a genuine outlet for students in more ways than one.

This platform gives us a unique basis for raising awareness of brands, products and services amongst an unrivalled, engaged and active millennial audience. This is why household brands turn to us time and time again to produce truly outstanding and bespoke campaigns with results to match.

Through an audience of over 10 million people, a reach of over 1.5 billion and 500 million video views every month, our power speaks for itself. From a new product launch to a huge event, we can amplify any message to millions in a way that not only puts it in front of a potential consumer but encourages that vital engagement.

We understand the media landscape is shifting minute by minute and that’s why we consistently push boundaries in all we do. We don’t just break the mould, we shatter it, we toss it and never look back and most of all, we connect to an audience renowned for being disengaged in a way that others simply cannot.

How? We are that audience.

Student Problems have redefined the way we digest content, we have built ourselves into an instantly recognisable presence across the world and most of all, we’re not done yet.

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