Afterlife Season Two Has Officially Finished Filming



Afterlife proved to be some of Ricky Gervais’ finest work to date, deserving every bit of praise that was heaped on it.

It was hardly a surprise then, that Netflix quickly snapped up a second instalment of the heartbreaking and hilarious show.

Now we’re one step closer to having season two on our screens, as the streaming giant took to Facebook to confirm that filming had wrapped.

Gervais has previously defended the plot of the show, insisting that suicide is not the focal point of the series.

“I don’t think suicide is the topic. I think the topic is grief, and grief makes you think lots of things. I don’t think suicide is any more the topic than him getting drunk every night,” he said during a panel interview with press.

“It’s just that it’s final. I think that’s why we think it’s a bigger subject. It’s final, and that’s why I think it takes the eye. But again, it exists, and I treat it respectfully.

“Everyone assumes comedy about something is disrespectful. So I’ve heard roundtables on radio shows discussing why Ricky Gervais shouldn’t be making jokes about this subjects, and I’m like ‘well you’re talking about it, I’m just doing it in a funny way.’

“They assumed that any subject, I’m taking the p**s, and offence is usually taken when people confuse the subject of the joke with the actual target. And they’re not necessarily the same thing.

“You can joke about anything, it depends on the actual joke I think. Someone will find every single thing offensive in some way, or disrespectful or just worried that it should be on telly.

“I just go ‘why not? Why?’ and they’ve got to come up with a reason why they shouldn’t do it, I think. The reason is they don’t like it, but that’s it.”

Kerry Godliman, who plays Gervais’s late wife in the show added: “There’s a high rate of suicide, there’s a high rate of cancer, all these things are going on in everyone’s lives, and it’s like saying, we’re not showing this, we’re not showing that.

“I suppose because it’s in ‘comedy’ that everyone’s discombobulated.”

Either way, we cannot wait for season two to arrive.

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