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Aldi Is Bringing Back Its ‘Grim Reaper’ Sauasage And It’s Even Spicier Than Before

Feeling up to it?


Two days of warm weather in Britain and our minds are already turning to barbecue season, despite the fact it’ll almost definitely snow next week.

Still though, Aldi are getting a head start by bringing back their insanely spicy grim reaper sausages.

The supermarket released a similar product last year and after it proved to be a hit, they’re upping the ante and making this year’s even spicier.

Previously the sausages contained the ghost chilli (which weighs in at just over a million on the Scoville scale), this year though, the sausages will be made from the Carolina reaper chilli instead – the world’s hottest pepper with over 1.5 million Scoville units.


To add some more perspective on the heat we’re dealing with, the Carolina reaper is 400 times hotter than a Jalapeño, so it’s not for the faint-hearted.

If you’re feeling up to the challenge Aldi will be stocking the sausages in stores this week (February 28) and a 400g pack will only set you back £1.99.

Also on Aldi shelves later this week will be the brand’s new breaded chicken roulette bites – a Russian roulette style mix of mild or fiery hot chicken bites, as well as chilli con carne meatballs with red Jalapeño peppers.


Aldi’s commemorative meatballs are made with British beef and blended with red kidney beans, chilli sauce, tomatoes and red Jalapeños for a much tamer heat.

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