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Amazon Is Selling A Box Of 300 Lotus Biscuits For Incredibly Cheap

Oh crumbs…


If you’re struggling with what to buy your Secret Santa this year, why not make someone’s Christmas a little brighter with a box of 300 Lotus Biscuits? Much more than just those spiced biscuits you get on the side of a coffee, the classic Lotus has had a resurgence thanks to our obsession with Biscoff.

From cheesecake to ice creams, spreads to Dairylea Dunkers of Biscoff, those speculoos biscuits are everywhere right now. Originally made as a Dutch biscuit to celebrate the festive season, Lotus brought Biscoff into our lives as those little biscuits that usually come with a coffee when you’re abroad.


Don’t ask us why, but Amazon is currently seeling a box of Biscoff for just £11.85. The description says, “Create that relaxing experience in your Coffee Shop, Restaurant, Club, Pub, Hotel, Office or Workplace”, but to be honest, we’re probably just going to munch through the box over the Christmas holidays.

News of this hasn’t gone unnoticed and it turns out a box of 300 Lotus biscuits is already a firm favourite among some savvy shoppers. One happy customer wrote, “I love biscuits and recently discovered Lotus Biscoffs and they have become a regular with my morning brew. I purchased this catering pack as the price was keen compared to buying single packs.”


Another gushed, “Yum yum……individually wrapped means I don’t have to scoff a whole packet to stop them going off. Shame these are just too tasty, not lasting as long as I would like….because I’m greedy and can’t keep away from them.”

Earlier this year, we explained how clever McDonald’s fans are making their own Biscoff McFlurries. It may be a little cold for ice cream, but if you think it’s okay to eat a McFlurry any time of the year and aren’t looking ahead to your summer body, you can embrace Biscoff in all its caramalised glory.

Writing on Money Savers Online, one person wrote, “Biscoff lovers try this… Get a plain McDonald’s McFlurry, then add some crushed up Biscoff biscuits! You’ll love it…”

The image showed some crumbled Biscoff biscuits swirled inside a McFlurry. Instagram account NewFoodsUK shared its own version and opted for the even more luxurious chocolate-covered Biscoff.

Giving someone a bonanza box of biscuits is definitely an unusual Christmas gift, but at least it gives you all something to talk about around the dinner table.

[Featured Image: Amazon]

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