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Amazon Is Selling A Giant Bread Pillow So You Can Loaf Around

Because why not?


In another instalment of things you didn’t know you needed until now, I present a giant pillow made to look like a loaf of bread.

Sizing up at a whopping 31.5 inches, the cushion is definitely ample size for all your lounging needs and will set you back by £13.88.

If that’s too big for your needs, there’s also smaller versions available at 11.8 inches and 23.6 inches.


The product has gathered largely positive reviews, earning a four out of five star rating.

One customer wrote: “My grandson’s favorite food is a baguette. This pillow absolutely made this 13 year old’s day and we all had a great laugh. He carries this around everywhere (at home).”

While another said: “Got one of these pillows for my wife as a gag gift but she absolutely fell in love with it. Now it’s earned a permanent place on our bed. It’s great quality and photorealistic when it comes to the printed picture on the fabric.”


One customer joked: “Heats up just like a fresh loaf of bread out of the oven if you sleep hot. Does it smell like bread? Only if you think about it really hard while in the bread isle of your local grocery store.”

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