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Amazon Is Selling A Mini Beer Tap For Your Kitchen, So Pass The Pint

Messenger If you can’t be bothered to go to the extreme lengths of setting up your own …read more

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If you can’t be bothered to go to the extreme lengths of setting up your own brewery — I imagine the logistics are a nightmare — Amazon is selling a beer tap for your kitchen to help pour the perfect pint.

If that hungover Sunday trek to the pub is just too much and you need some hair of the dog, having a kitchen kegger sounds like a dream come true.

Costing just £79, the Krups SUB Compact Edition will chill your beer to a frosty 2°C, making it a lot better than the standard 6°C of your fridge. The tap can fit up to four pints inside and keeps your beer fresh for 15 days.

As the description reads, “THE SUB serves a growing range of beers from all over the world: Heineken, Birra Moretti, Tiger and many more.” Considering Amazon also sells a pack of five 2l Heineken kegs for just £50, the online marketplace really has you covered.


One glowing review said: “This is great fun for a party and a nice alternative to going to the local! The Torps hold 4 pints and chill the beer to perfection – lots of variety to choose from too – lagers, ciders, IPA’s. It’s easy to pull a pint – just check out the You Tube videos and with a little practice you’ll be on to a winner. Compact size fits nicely into the kitchen as well. Get one!”

If you fancy going full “Fat Thor” and rocking a six-pack (of beers), there’s a beer belly bum bag that can help you sneak booze into festivals.

With dadbods officially back in fashion, a new company called Dadbag is cashing in on the trend.

If you haven’t managed to grow your own beer belly *cough* I have *cough*, you can now pick up your own beer belly bum bag. If that’s not the perfect way to get your favourite tipple into a festival, I don’t know what is.

There are six different bellies for you to choose from, so no matter who you are, you can get the perfect fit.


Speaking to Lonleyplanet, the man behind the bags, Albert Pukies, said that inspiration came to him when it was approaching Father’s Day: “I thought that it could be funny to feel like a dad instantly with a strap-on belly,

“I obviously missed Father’s Day but I’m glad that it still worked.”

He’s hoping to get the bags in stores before Christmas, so make sure you check his website for updates. Plus, the Instagram has lots of pictures of the different bags for you to peruse prior to its launch.

Well that’s our summer sorted then!

[Featured Image: Pexels/Amazon

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