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An iPad In Cap And Gown Stepped In For Hospitalised Student

This is incredible.

Graduation is one of the best days of your life. Your whole family are there cheering you on, and you feel a huge sense of accomplishment. However, for one student she was replaced by an iPad after she was hospitalised just days before the big event.

Cynthia Pettway was hoping to stand aside her classmates at the Leflore High School graduation, but ended up being in hospital on the big day.

Credit: Facebook

However, staff at USA Children’s and Women’s Hospital had an idea to take her across the graduation stage virtually.

They managed to get a robot with wheels at the bottom, plus an iPad for Cynthia to see what what going on, to be controlled remotely from her hospital bed.

Stephani Maddox, who works for the Mobile County Public School System, told CBS: “You’re accessing it through the internet, so it doesn’t even matter where you are. She can drive it from the hospital and we can take it wherever she needs to go.”

Staff at the hospital taught her how to use the robot so that she could drive ‘herself’ across the stage.

She explained: “I’m my grandma’s first grandbaby, her first one to only go and get to walk that stage. So I had to walk that stage. And I rolled across that stage.”

She burst into tears as she successfully went across, and could be seen wiping them away by the audience. Incredible. Can you believe some people don’t even turn up to these things?! It was clearly a  huge moment for her and her family – congratulations, Cynthia.

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