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This App Rewards Students For Not Using Their Phone While Studying

It’s proved popular already.

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A new app could hold the key to getting your head down and studying.

Whilst years of technological advancement has undoubtedly served us well, it’s also stolen much of our attention span. Something which is a pretty big drawback when it comes to focusing on a textbook for that upcoming exam.

However a Norwegian app called Hold, could be the answer. That’s right, our answer to the flaws of technology is in fact…A mobile app. Who’d have thought it?


Its received widely positive feedback since being released in 2016 – being downloaded 50,000 in its first three months and apparently being used by 40% of Norway’s students.

The idea behind the app is simple.
  • You choose your university location, presumably so you can’t just stick it on when you go to sleep.
  • When you’re ready to study, you let the app know and then for every 20 minutes you don’t touch your phone you earn a point.
  • Save up your points to spend on Hold’s marketplace, where you can get things like food & drink or cinema vouchers.

“Hold is an innovative mobile app that helps you focus and gives you the opportunity to get rewards. Just start Hold, collect points for not using your phone and trade them for awesome rewards.”

After its successful trial in University College London, Hold has now been rolled out to over 170 other UK universities.

They already have partnerships with Vue Entertainment, Café Nero, Amazon, planet Organic, Ugly Drinks and FlowMotion.

How addicted to phones are we?

A report from Deloitte in 2016 threw out some pretty worrying statistics:

  • One in three UK adults has argued with their partner about using their mobile phone too much, according to Deloitte.
  • The rows were most common among 25-34-year-olds the report found, while 11% of over 65s admitted arguments about overusing phones.
  • About a tenth of respondents admitted using their handsets “always” or “very often” while eating at home or in restaurants.
  • A third said they regularly used their devices while with friends or watching television.
  • One in three UK adults – and half of 18-24 year olds – said they checked their phones in the middle of the night, with instant messaging and social media the most popular activities.
  • One in 10 smartphone owners admitted reaching for their phone as soon as they woke up – with a third grabbing the device within five minutes of waking.



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