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ASDA Has Launched A Sloth Cake And It’s Actually Adorable

At least it isn’t a ‘slow’ news day

ASDA Sloths

Move over Colin the Caterpillar, there’s a new cake in town. Hoping to topple Marks & Spencer from its place at the top of the birthday party pyramid, ASDA’s adorable sloth cake is sure to give the high-end supermarket a run for its money.

For those of a certain age, you could tell you were going to a posh birthday party when the parents rolled out a Colin the Caterpillar cake. Setting the gold standard for how parties should go down, Colin the Caterpillar was basically a giant chocolate swiss roll, covered in Smarties and an edible face.

Looking back on it, Colin isn’t all that great, but still, he’s as popular as ever. ASDA even has its own version — the aptly named Clyde.

Now, ASDA is officially selling a Sloth Celebration Cake for the bargain price of £11. The description explains how the cake is a pretty standard jam and sponge layering, so sorry for those expecting some sort of surprise in the middle:

“Hang out with friends and enjoy madeira sponge layered with frosting and raspberry jam, all covered in soft icing and edible decorations. You’ll love it ‘slow’ much!”

Asda Sloth Cake

The sloth cake can apparently feed 16, so should be enough for your average birthday party. There’s something about those gentle giants that make sloths some of the cutest critters around.

It seems we just can’t get enough of sloths. When ASDA shared news of the cake on Facebook, the comment section soon exploded with over 5.5K happy shoppers wanting a slice of the action.

One person wrote: “My boyfriend turned 31 on Wednesday and loved his sloth cake! 🎂 Was delicious 😊”

Another said, “If I don’t get a sloth cake when we’re on our hols in Carlow I will be a very unhappy girlfriend.”

Finally, someone wrote: “Oh my I hope you still have these in November for my daughters birthday 🍰 she loves Sloths!”


ASDA’s summer offerings don’t end there though. If your kids are a little too savvy and are sick of the same cake shaped like a lion, the supermarket has all bases covered. Alongside shark and Narwhal (do kids even know what a Narwhal is?) cakes, there’s also a pretty in pink llama cake.

If caterpillars still float your boat, remember that ASDA launched Colossal Clyde earlier this year. Coming in at a whopping 45cm, Colossal Clyde can feed 24 hungry kids or a few greedy adults for just £12.

Whatever your cake cravings are, it looks like ASDA has you sorted!

[Featured Image: ASDA/Pixabay]

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