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ASDA Is Selling Pink Raspberry Unicorn Spread To Sparkle Up Your Breakfast

Charlie the Unicorn is spinning in his grave

Unicorn Spread

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why wouldn’t you want to brighten it up with some colourful unicorn spread? Don’t worry, it’s not made from actual mashed unicorns, because sorry to break it to you, they aren’t real!

While we’re still gripped by unicorn fever, ASDA is cashing on our obsession with those horned beasts. With everything from unicorn gin to unicorn Smarties making their way into supermarkets, there seems to be no end to this craze

Shred by Money Saver Online (via Snack Reviews) on Facebook, the post confirms ASDA’s Raspberry Flavour Unicorn Spread comes with “popping candy pieces”. Costing just £1.15 for 350g, it’s definitely cheaper than some breakfast spreads we won’t bash on here.

NEW Unicorn Spread with popping candy pieces, £1.15 at ASDA 🦄 😍As shared in our foodie group! Join 👉 Snack Reviews

Posted by Money Saver Online on Wednesday, July 3, 2019

With its glaring pink hue, the unicorn spread is guaranteed to stand out in your cupboards. One fan wrote, “The popping candy makes it sound good but not sure about raspberry spread?”

Another said, “I have got to try this! I know it’s full of sugar, but I’m guessing a little goes a long way.”

Others weren’t convinced. Some said, “Sorry this is just full of sugar. Not a good thing. Really bad for your children. Think of their hearts.”

One mused, “Absolutely no way on this earth would i feed that to my child!
The colour of it alone screams chemicals.”

Speaking of breakfast, Kellogg’s recently put Tony the Tiger among the pigeons when the cereal giant introduced white chocolate Coco Pops.

Coco Pops have always been known for their distinctive colour and the ability to turn the milk brown, but what about the white chocolate version? Some have genuinely asked if they’ll turn the milk white.

There’s a legion of cereal fanatics that think white chocolate Coco Pops are simply Rice Krispies undercover. The Kellogg’s staple are also puffed grains of rice and the same colour, so you might be able to see where the comparisons have come from.

Others have slammed this ludicrous claim though, stating they are white chocolate compared to the bland flavour of Rice Krispies. One person put it best though, listing the differences between Rice Krispies, Ricicles, and the Coco Pops flavours.

[Featured Image: Money Saver Online/Pexels]

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