The Avengers Infinity War Poster Looks Suspiciously Familiar

An even more ambitious crossover?


The Avengers have temporarily stolen the attention of the whole cinematic universe as Infinity War prepares to break all kinds of box office records.

The ‘most ambitious crossover event in history’ has long been one of the most anticipated movie releases in Marvel’s history and is pretty much guaranteed to be a hit regardless of how good it actually is. However, the Avengers Infinity War poster that’s been used to market the film looks weirdly familiar.

Here’s the Avengers Infinity War poster

avengers infinity war poster

And here’s Reddit user Taco144’s poster for Dragon Ball Tournament of Power

dbs poster

Fear not though, the Dragon Ball Z adaptation of the poster was submitted to Reddit about a month ago. Way after the original Avengers version was produced.

All we can do now is wait impatiently for the STILL UNTITLED Avengers 4 and get lost in all kind of crazy intense fan theories. 

All whilst Chris Evans toys with our emotions, after filming wrapped on the next movie the actor released a cryptic Tweet that seemed to signal the end of Captain America.

Evans was quick to dispel the worries though:

“I should clarify that I know I did tweet something that made a lot of people think that it was in someway a spoiler,” Evans said during ACE Comic Con in Chicago.

“I should clarify that regardless of how Avengers 4 ends, I would have tweeted the exact same thing. That last day of filming was a very emotional day and it was the culmination of almost 10 years of filming and 22 movies, this unbelievable tapestry.”

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