BBC One Facing Backlash Over Killing Eve Twitter Campaign

Sandra Oh no!

Killing Eve BBC Twitter

While Killing Eve is one of the BBC’s most popular shows right now, that hasn’t stopped fans of the tense thriller calling the network out over an outlandish marketing campaign.

As UK audiences prepare to see Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer back in action as the show’s leading ladies, the BBC is kicking its promotion into overdrive. There’s something we can’t help but love about the psychotic Villanelle, but that doesn’t mean we’d want to find her in our homes.

The BBC’s Twitter was hijacked by a person claiming to be Villanelle — leaving followers confused and sometimes scared by the bizarre move. A series of erratic tweets made reference to Oh’s Eve Polastri, saying, “Remember, I know where you live” and “I’m going to make you sorry, baby!”

The tweets started at 10am with “Do you guys like my new profile picture?” It then descended into madness as ‘Villanelle’ tautned followers.

The BBC eventually tweeted, “Errrrrr…. this is BBC One. Not quite sure what happened… We seem to have lost control there, give us a sec.” Some praised the bold move, however, other’s weren’t quite as impressed.

One disgruntled person wrote, “At any point while concocting this idea, did you consider that aping aggressive stalker behaviour on a public forum had the potential to be at best seriously troubling for a portion of your audience?”

Another mused, “Reported as spam. If this is the level of professionalism in the BBC you don’t deserve a licence. Infantile rubbish”, while someone else questioned why our license fee was paying for this.

To be honest though, most people saw the funny side of the stunt. Some even said they’d prefer Villanelle to run the Beeb’s social media:

After THAT shocking ending of Killing Eve‘s premiere season, it’s unclear where Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s show goes next. Chances are though, we’re going to face another jaw-dropping twist before the end of Season 2.

What we do need though is a Luther and Killing Eve crossover. A recent clip shared on the BBC Twitter account mashed together the two shows, bringing two of our most beloved psychopaths together to discuss, well, obviously to discuss killing.

Luther‘s Alice Morgan and Killing Eve‘s Villanelle discuss murdering people as the latter prepares breakfast in what could signal the one of the greatest crossovers imaginable.

Luther returned for its long-awaited fifth series earlier this year while Killing Eve has already been renewed for Season 3.

[Featured Image: BBC]

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