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Beefeater Purple Blackberry Gin Has Hit The Shelves In Tesco

It sounds delicious!

Gin lovers, if you’re looking for a new tasty tipple to tantalise your tastebuds, then you may want to get yourself on over to Tesco, because they’ve just stocked the gin of your DREAMS.

Beefeater’s Purple Blackberry Gin has hit the shelves and is currently driving spirit lovers wild.

Credit: Beefeater

But that’s not all, because you can also get your hands on two other flavours: Blood Orange and Strawberry. You can get your hands on these for just £18.99 for a 700ml bottle.

With Christmas just around the corner, you might be already thinking about an advent calendar and gifts for your loved ones. If you are, I salute you as you are clearly very organised.

If you love a gin, then you might be interested in Costco’s A Very Merry Gin Christmas calendar.

They’re £59.89 each, which may sound a bit pricey. However, it works out at £2.50 per 50cl bottle of gin, which isn’t actually that bad.

The description reads: “Welcome to an exciting countdown to Christmas. This Gin Advent Calendar contains 24 x 5cl miniature bottles, a hand-picked selection of gins which will give you the opportunity to sample your way to Christmas.”

Each calendar contains the below in no particular order:

  • Aber Falls Welsh Orange Marmalade Gin, 5cl 37.5% ABV
  • Beefeater Pink London Dry Gin, 5cl 37.5% ABV
  • Chase GB Gin, 5cl 37.5% ABV
  • Edinburgh Gin’s Christmas Gin, 5cl 37.5% ABV
  • Edinburgh Gin’s Plum & Vanilla Liqueur, 5cl 20% ABV
  • Edingurgh Gin’s Pomegranate & Rose Liqueur, 5cl 20% ABV
  • Greenalls Wild Berry Gin, 5cl 37.5% ABV
  • Hall & Bramley Elderflower Gin, 5cl 37.5% ABV
  • Hall & Bramley Rhubarb & Ginger Gin, 5cl 37.5% ABV
  • Hendrick’s Gin, 5cl 37.5% ABV
  • J.J Whitley Pink Cherry Gin, 5cl 37.5% ABV
  • J.J Whitley Violet Gin, 5cl 37.5% ABV
  • Liverpool Organic Rose Petal Gin, 5cl 43% ABV
  • Malfy Con Arancia (Blood Orange) Gin, 5cl 37.5% ABV
  • Malfy Con Limone Gin, 5cl 37.5% ABV
  • Martin Millers Gin, 5cl 37.5% ABV
  • Peaky Blinder Spiced Dry Gin, 5cl 37.5% ABV
  • Sipsmith Lemon Drizzle Gin, 5cl 37.5% ABV
  • Sipsmith London Dry Gin, 5cl 37.5% ABV
  • Sipsmith Sloe Gin, 5cl 29% ABV
  • The Lakes Original Gin, 5cl 43% ABV
  • The Lakes Sloe Gin Liqueur, 5cl 25% ABV
  • Warner Edwards Dry Gin, 5cl 43% ABV
  • What Lies Beneath Honey Liqueur, 5cl 20% ABV

If you’re over 18, you can get them online now (and shipping is included!).

[Featured Image Credit: Pexels / Tesco / Beefeater]

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