12 Of The Best Cat Cafés You Can Visit In The UK

A cat cafe tour anybody?

Cat Cafés are taking over the UK! Over the past few years, we’ve seen the rather strange but very welcome trend of Cat Cafés popping up in cities all around the United Kingdom

The first cat café in the world, called Cat Flower Garden reportedly opened in Taiwan in 1998 and the idea caught on pretty quickly, spreading to Japan and Europe. There are over 150 Cat Cafés open today in Japan alone.

The benefits of having a pet – or just being around animals can include reduced stress, anxiety and depression, leading to better mental health, reduced loneliness, lower blood pressure and improved social interaction in our daily lives, to name just a few.

It’s no wonder Cat Cafés have become such a big hit with the UK public and worldwide, so here are some of the best places around the UK to have a cappuccino with a cat, a mocha with a moggy, or to just hang out with some feline friends.

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium – London

Lady Dinah’s was the first Cat Café of its kind to open in the UK in 2014 after receiving over £100,000 in crowd-funded donations.

Kitty Café  – Leeds and Nottingham

With the success of the Nottingham café, Kitty Café owner Kate Charles-Richards opened a much-anticipated second branch of the business in Leeds in late 2017.

Cat Café – Manchester

This café caused a big stir when it announced it was coming to Manchester’s trendy Northern Quarter in 2016. After resounding success, Cat Café’s owners recently announced plans to take the popular café to Liverpool, with a branch opening in Spring 2018.

Mog On The Tyne – Newcastle

Mog On The Tyne has become known for running some pretty wacky events, such as their week-long Halloween ‘A Nightmare on Mog Street’ event, cat bingo, cat colouring and a cat knitting club.

Maison De Moggy – Edinburgh

Maison De Moggy became so popular after opening that they had to upscale to larger premises to fulfil demand. They are also the only Cat Café in the UK to play home to a rare breed Sphynx cat named Elodie.

Purrple Cat Café – Glasgow

In the run-up to Glasgow’s Purrple opening last year, the public were asked to name the cat which would feature as their logo.

Catisfaction – Hull

Opening just a few months ago at the end of 2017, Catisfaction is one of the UK’s newest Cat Cafés. Owner Amy Donoghue has big plans for the future of the Café, saying she wants to start doing movie nights and even speed dating, although strictly between humans, we hope.

Pause Cat Café – Bournemouth

Pause describe themselves as a peaceful place where you can make new human and animal friends. They have a strong community, wellbeing, environmental and welfare ethos.

CatPawCino – Newcastle

CatPawCino aims to create the feeling of relaxing outdoors, indoors, with its airy, garden-themed interior. All the cats at the Café belonged to the owner before the Café was set up, as opposed to being rescued or rehomed.

You & Meow – Bristol

The décor and theme of Bristol’s You & Meow is traditionally Japanese, aiming to recreate Cat Café’s origins, with customers able to sit on the floor or around small tables. Polish entrepreneur Ewa Rukat set up the Café; just 24 at the time of opening, Ewa came to the UK to study 4 years earlier and was inspired by her love of animals and her discovery of the UK’s first Cat Café, Lady Dinah’s.

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