Big Bang Theory Creator Drops Huge Hint About The Show’s Ending

“I thought that was brilliant.”

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With The Big Bang Theory finally drawing to a close after a dozen wildly successful seasons, fans are beginning to speculate how things will be left.

Now Big Bang co-creator Chuck Lorre has dropped some hints at what the final episode could look like.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood ReporterLorre revealed how important it was to “land the plane safely” when it came to delivering the series finale.

“It meant a lot — to be there from our very clumsy beginnings, to when we actually figured out how to do it and sustain it, to ending with what I think is a wonderful [episode],”

“I didn’t have a clue how to [end the series],” Lorre admitted. “Steve Holland – who’s been the showrunner for the last two years – suggested that rather than bringing the show to a hard stop – where everybody packs their bags and goes in different directions and the show is exploded in some final way – that we have an emotional finale.

“I thought that was brilliant.”

Kaley Cuoco recently opened up about what the future could hold for her character, saying that while there’s no immediate plans she would be open to it should Big Bang creator Chuck Lorre ask her.

“The only person I would say yes to is [series creator and executive producer] Chuck Lorre,” she told ET Online at the cast’s Hollywood Boulevard hand and footprints ceremony this week.

CBS / Warner Bros.

The actress went on: “So if Chuck came and said let’s do it, I’d say yes. Other than that, I don’t see a spin-off for myself. But I don’t like to say no to Chuck. So if he wanted it, I’m in.”

Cuoco also opened up about her character’s ending, calling it “beautiful.”

“I’m thrilled with [Penny’s] ending, yet beginning. It’s beautiful,” she promised. “There’s not anything catastrophic, it’s just beautiful. And the characters are gonna live on in your minds and in your hearts, and I think that’s what is so special about it. It’s really touching.”

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