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Big Mac Sauce Is Now Available To Buy From McDonald’s

That’s dinner then.

McDonald’s is now officially selling dipping pots of Big Mac Special Sauce to add to any burger of your choice.

It was announced last month to widespread excitement, and now the day is finally here.

The sauce is officially suitable for vegetarians, and features eggs from free range farms – meaning you can add a big

The pots have a seven day shelf life once purchased and are expected to sell out quickly.

The pots will cost just 50p, and will be available to buy in stores 24 hours a day. One warning though, the pots are for a limited time only, and once they have all been sold out, they’re gone. 

Last time they sold out, bidding on eBay reached ridiculously high numbers for pots, with some bids reaching £65,000.

Safe to say that the news has made fans pretty excited.

It means you’ll be able to create new unique burgers like a Big Mac Quarter Pounder, Big Mac McChicken Chicken or Big Mac Vegetarian Burger. You could even take them home and drizzle over an Impossible Burger meat to create a truly vegetarian meat alternative. The possibilities are pretty much endless.

We can’t wait to try it out for ourselves.

Featured image credit: McDonald’s

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