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Boohoo Are Being Praised For Not Photoshopping Model’s Stretch marks

A step in the right direction from another fashion giant.

Online fashion retailer, Boohoo have earned heaps of praise for not editing out a model’s stretch marks on its website.

A number of people have been sharing photos taken from the website online and thanking the company for embracing stretch marks.

People have even been finding comfort in the untouched photos, explaining that simple things like this could make such a huge difference to their confidence.

Boohoo aren’t the only fashion brand to begin embracing such an approach, in December Misguided launched their ‘Make Your Mark’ campaign which featured entirely un-airbrushed models.

In February, the online retailer also unveiled a range of diverse mannequins complete with stretchmarks and vitiligo.

ASOS have also won praise for leaving model’s stretchmarks unedited on its site.


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