A Craft Beer Hotel Is Opening In The UK

My kind of accommodation.

Cue an endless line of hipster related jokes to coincide with the opening…

The twenty-first century is a glorious time for all sorts of wacky leisurely pursuits. From Breaking Bad cocktail bars to Gin Spas to Cat Cafés.

In a recent announcement, Scottish craft beer giant BrewDog has confirmed that it will be opening a craft beer hotel. It’s scheduled for early 2019 and we already cannot wait to get booked in for a stay.

Beer truly on tap

At the new hotel, aptly named The Doghouse, guests can pour fresh craft beer right in their rooms. As well as grabbing a cheeky shower beer from a built-in shower fridge.

Each of the hotels 26 rooms will be overlooking the brewery itself, which you can take a tour of after breakfast.

Located in Ellon, around 16 miles north of Aberdeen in Scotland, BrewDog is hailing it the ‘ultimate hotel for beer geeks’.

A list of a few of things on offer at the hotel
  • Craft beer minibars curated by James and Martin
  • Punk IPA on tap in your room
  • Beer Spa treatments with bespoke hop oils
  • Epic restaurant majoring in beer and food pairings
  • Craft beer themed breakfasts, lunches and dinners
  • En-suite shower beer fridges*
  • Wake up to views of our sour beer foeders

It looks as though the hotel is also going to be appropriately dog-friendly too. A BrewDog statement reads: “We’re looking to make our four legged friends comfy as well!”


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