Mark Hamill, Del Toro And Other Celebrities Have A Group Chat And It’s Hilarious

The group of five started the group chat to bond over their beloved, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Last week, in the midst of Brooklyn Nine-Nine getting cancelled by Fox and then subsequently picked up by NBC, thousands took to Twitter to voice their opinions on the show.

In the huge, initially furious response to the cancellation, many celebrities shared their support, sharing their favorite memories and general love of the show.

In the aftermath the show was picked up by NBC, everyone was thrilled. The network tweeted on Friday that the show would be coming back for a sixth season on a new network.

In this hype stream, a group chat was created between five celebrities to share in the excitement.

The group chat is made up of Lin-Manuel Miranda, Mark Hamill, Seth Meyers, Guillermo Del Toro, and Sean Astin, all of whom were vocal in their support on Twitter.

It’s an odd pairing of celebrities ranging from Broadway stars to Oscar winning directors.

A fan shared her reaction to the group chat and Miranda responded with mutual excitement.

The group chat is still alive and well too, which fills us with joy.

According to Hamill, the group chat is called #GuardiansOfThe99 and it’s probably the best thing we’ve ever heard.

All in all, fans are excited about this group coming together to rejoice in their love of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It brings hope that we can all come together through a passion for TV!

It also gives us Mark Hamill being generally hilarious…


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