Burberry Burns £28 Million In Clothing Every Year To Stop It Being Bought By “Wrong People”

This seems a tad excessive.

The high-end fashion brand burn an eye-watering amount of clothing every year to ensure it doesn’t fall into the hands of the “wrong people”.

Burberry claim the unusual practice has been put in place to stop their items ending up on the ‘grey market’ – where expensive clothing is sold at discount rates.

The thinking behind it is essentially down to the brand reputation, fearing that clothes being sold at knock down prices could de-value the brand.

As a result it’s estimated that Burberry have burned around £90 million worth of clothing in the last five years.

While it may seem extremely unnecessary to have such a process, the brand claim that the burning is designed specially to harness the energy produced.

Burberry defended the practice, insisting that it is an industry-wide process. High-Street giant H&M admit to burning off excess stock to help generate enough energy to power the Swedish city of Vastera.

Richemont, owner of Cartier and Montblanc, has destroyed more than £400 million of watches in two years after buying back unwanted stock from jewellers.

It’s not just fashion brands guilty of wasting huge amounts of clothing, in the UK alone last year more than 300,000 tonnes of clothes were sent to landfill, amounting up to a staggering £12.5 billion.



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