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Burger King Called Out After Accidentally Selling Meat To Vegetarians

The issue has been blamed on a “technology error”

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Burger King has come under fire after reportedly serving up regular Whopper burgers to customers who had ordered its meat-free version.

A Brooklyn location of the fast-food giant featured the ‘Impossible Whopper’ on its delivery menu, despite it not actually being available in that location.

According to Eater, the manager of that Burger King would package up a normal beef Whopper for those who ordered the Impossible Burger online and then tell the Seamless delivery drivers to let the customers know that it was not vegetarian.

However according to the site, delivery drivers did not inform customers that the burgers were not actually the vegetarian option.

“It’s maybe 20-percent poisoning. This is a city where there are a lot of reasons why people don’t eat [meat], from religion to health to ethics.” a customer told the website.

He went on to say he only discovered the switch when he went into the restaurant and discovered the Impossible Whopper wasn’t on the menu.

A spokesperson for Burger King told Fox News in a statement that the listing of the burger at that location was a “technology error” from the franchise.

“The issue has been corrected and the item is no longer listed as an option until we officially bring the Impossible Whopper to New York. We apologise for any confusion this has caused.

“Any guests who ordered an Impossible Whopper through delivery in the New York area and have any questions may call 1-866-394-2493.”

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