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Cadbury Announces Three New White Chocolate Treats, Sold Exclusively In Asda

It’s the closest thing they’ve brought out to the ever-loved Dream bar!

If you used to be a fan of the Cadbury Dream bar (may it rest in peace), then you’ll be absolutely buzzing to know that Cadbury has heard your pleas and has decided to bring out a whole new white chocolate range – and it sounds incredible.


The new sweet treats will be landing exclusively in Asda on the 29th August, so you won’t have to wait too long until you can get your hands on them.

The white chocolate block will retail for £2, whereas the the Cadbury Giant White Buttons will cost £1 a bag, and the White Chocolate Freddo Treasures can be found in the store for 65p.

If you’re a fan of exciting new chocolate treats, then you’ll also be chuffed to know that Cadbury is rolling out some OTHER exciting new additions to their line-up around Christmas time. They must be working overtime there to ensure a whole new world of exciting goodies!

Now, I will give you a tiny warning to not get TOO excited just yet, because the new releases don’t hit the shelves until September, but hey – a late treat is better than no treat at all, right?

 Cadbury is bringing out a new gingerbread bar costing £1.50

First on the list of interesting new chocolate bars includes Dairy Milk Winter Gingerbread, which is a limited edition chocolate bar with little pieces of gingerbread inside. How delicious does that sound?! I’ll answer that one for you – very.

To get your hands on a ginger-licious treat, it’ll set you back just £1.50 in any of your local supermarkets.

 Dairy Milk Orange Snowman will be 65p.
Dairy Milk

Next on the list is the introduction of this little guy, the new Dairy Milk Orange Snowman. Chocolate orange is always a win, and with it retailing for just 65p you can’t go wrong – unless you’re still angry that Freddo’s have gone up in price in which case you probably won’t be too impressed at the price.

Finally, the last offering comes in the form of Mini Egg-style Dairy Milk pieces labelled Little Robbins. These will set you back just £1.59 for an 89g bag.

 Dairy Milk Little Robins are £1.49 for 89g.

Cadbury also revealed that the ever-popular Fudge bar WILL be returning in the Christmas selection boxes this year, but that they’ll be taking the place of the Cadbury Oreo bar. Some may find this disappointing, if I’m being completely honest I do.

Despite the lack of Oreo bar, I’m definitely excited to get my hands on that gingerbread bar.

[Featured Image Credit: Pexels/Cadbury/ASDA]

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