How Can You Make A Difference On #UniMentalHealthDay?

We need your help to raise awareness.

University is pushed to us as ‘the best times of our lives’, a period when we really flourish and come of age. 

What is often overlooked, are the stresses that come along with it. And for anyone who isn’t having this amazing time that everyone said they would, it can make it even tougher.

Moving away from home, money worries, pressure of exams and a ton of other factors can all take their toll on students.

#UniMentalHealthDay is designed to raise awareness of these struggles that students can face. Hopefully encouraging a conversation that could make all the difference.

We recently teamed up with CALM, a charity dedicated to preventing male suicide. We produced a series of documentaries investigating mental health amongst students.

Now we need your help. We’re building a programme to empower students to raise awareness of the issue in campuses all around the UK. Register your interest to learn more and get involved.

How can you take part?

We’re encouraging everyone to get involved with the initiative in any way they can. Here’s a few suggestions to get you started…

Help build our student program –

We want people who are passionate and share the same values as CALM to take the message to their own campus. We’re seeking to empower students across the country, giving them the confidence to speak up and make a difference.

Register your interest here.

Organise an event –

From an open mic night to a game of 5-a-side. Get as creative as you want as you raise awareness, if you’re stuck for ideas check out our top tips.

Whether it’s for your own sake, or someone else’s. Just starting that conversation can be the turning point.

Visit the CALM website for more information on becoming a student ambassador.

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