You Can Now Get Beer Designed Specifically For Drinking In The Shower

Well this sounds delightful.

The “sweet but strong” pale ale is the brainchild of Swedish brewery PangPang and creative agency Snask.

Struggling for time before a night out? Or just enjoy the luxury of cracking open a cold one whilst freshening up? This is the perfect answer.

For anyone who hasn’t enjoyed the sheer satisfaction of the humble shower beer, I advise you drop everything and give it a go now. It’s genuinely wonderful. A kind of outer-body experience.

Served up in a small 18cl bottle the 10% shower beer is designed to be drank in two or three gulps, before it gets too warm. It was released last month as a one-off but a second run is upcoming thanks to its popularity.

What makes it a shower beer?

When does a regular beer become a shower beer you ask?

Speaking to Munchies, PangPang brewery founder Fredrik Tunedal said the beer was brewed specially to develop a flavour suited to the shower setting.

Thanks to a combination of Earl Grey Tea and Bergamot the end result is a fruity and citrusy flavour. It’s described on the website as “the ultimate pre-game beer that will set you on the right track for the night.”

It can even be used as a conditioner too.


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