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Can You Handle The Heat? This Whole Cookbook Is Dedicated To Hot Sauce

Feeling brave?

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Got a friend who’s always banging on about how hot he likes his food? Fancy yourself as something of a spice connoisseur?

If you’re looking for some inspiration when it comes to your heat-filled dishes then we have just the thing.

The Hot Sauce cookbook has 60 recipes, all with one thing in mind.

The Present Finder

“We’ve found a cookbook that really packs a punch… no seriously, get a glass of milk at the ready! Perfect for the spice lover in your life, (or the person who thinks they can handle the heat, but quickly has tears running down their cheeks) this is a must have addition to their kitchen.” The description explains.


“Dive into this cookbook for fantastically fiery dishes including Griddled Salmon Tacos, Turkish Poached Eggs with Harissa, Hot Sauce Margarita, Chilli Chocolate Brownies, all made with the star ingredient, hot sauce. There’s 60 fiery recipes from drinks to brunches, main meals and lunches!”

The hot sauce cookbook is available online for £9.99.

If you prefer your dishes a little more mild, there’s another version dedicated to avocados.

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“Inspired by the world’s favourite fruit, this delicious cookbook is about to transform your avocado toast in to so much more! The humble green fruit adds velvety texture and creamy nutty flavours to every dish, turning any meal into something really special.”

The Present Finder

“From Mexican Brunch Burritos to Tacos and Gusacamole, The Avocado Cookbook is jam packed with mouth watering recipes. Try your hand at Avocado Baked Eggs for a fabulous cooked breakfast alternative, or even incorporate it into a dessert with Chocolate Avocado Mousse!”

The Avocado cookbook is available to order online for £9.99.

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