Channel 4’s The Circle Series 2 Officially Has A Start Date

It’s coming sooner than you’d think!

Get marking your calendars, because season two of The Circle has officially been announced to take place on September 24th.

The exciting news was announced on their official Twitter account.

Last year’s series saw Alex Hoborn win the series after pretending to play a character called Kate, whose picture he had taken from his girlfriend.

The new series will see Emma Willis step into the role as presenter, and promises to be much bigger than the first.

If you’ve never seen the show before, then the concept shows members of the public all moving to an apartment building which they all inhabit, but they can only communicate to one another via a social media app called The Circle. It is then the task to rate one another each week on whether or not they believe they’re being catfished, or if someone is being genuine.

Emma recently chatted to Digital Spy about joining the show, saying:

“I came to it late because it was on at the same time as Big Brother, obviously, so I was not watching it while it was on,” she said.

“I was obviously intrigued because it was up against us. So I watched it afterwards. And it was just one of those things where you kind of go, ‘I’m going to watch another one. I might watch another one. Sh*t, I’m in, it’s got me!'”

[Featured Image Credit: Channel 4]

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