Charlie Brooker Discusses A Potential ‘Black Mirror Universe’ Fan Theory

Is every single episode linked?

black mirror
Source: Netflix
With the doors being closed on season four of the hit show, fans are already looking ahead to the next instalment of Charlie Brooker’s dystopian creation.

Large chunks of the show are left open to interpretation, meaning there’s a ton of fascinating fan theories that can make you see each episode in a whole new light.

One of the most common is the idea that every episode of Black Mirror is set in the same universe and are in some way linked to each other.

There’s never really been any confirmation from Brooker on whether that’s an idea he sticks by or not but it’s pretty easy to see why people would form such an opinion.

Finally though, the creator has addressed the theory, during an appearance on a podcast, The Watch.

Seemingly he first suggests that fans may be onto something with the whole Black Mirror universe idea.

“I think we have malleable rules on that. Sometimes it’s useful,” he said.

“So in ‘Black Museum’, Rollo Haynes works for TCKR – which is the same company that we see in ‘San Junipero’ – and he’s going into a hospital called St Juniper’s Hospital. There’s a clear sort of through-line there that we don’t bother to explain.”

However, he refused to commit fully to the idea, suggesting that a lot of the connections may be down to convenient coincidence, rather than any kind of measured plot.

“But on the other hand, we sometimes have used the logic [of another episode] – often it is to do with the gadget,” he continued.

“We did The ‘Entire History of You’, which is the episode where everyone can rewind memories, and they use a little thumb controller thing to access the UI in their eyes.

“And then we came to do ‘White Christmas’ – which also had a sort of in-retina system – we went round the houses trying to invent different modes of technology, and then thought: ‘Why don’t we just use the one [we already came up with]?’ [It was] laziness. We’ve cleared the company name for that, and we’ve designed the thing.”

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