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The Ten Cheapest Places To Get A Beer In The World

The deciding factor.


Choosing your next getaway can be a pretty daunting task, after all there are a ton of variables to factor in. 

Beach or city? Weekend break or lengthy escape? Ferry or plane?…The price of a beer?

We live in a time when travel is more accessible than ever and for many, exploring the world can be the most rewarding thing a person can do.

Whilst we’re not suggesting that everyone goes away just to drink the evenings away, holiday’s do offer the prime opportunity to let your hair down.

Of course there’s the whole cultural journey, sampling a different lifestyle, spending time with family. All of these are pretty important but there’s no denying that money plays a huge part in a getaway. So why not save on your drink?

Here are the ten cheapest places to get a beer in the world, based on the average price of a 33cl bottle.

10. Budapest

Average price: £1.71

9. Ljubljana

Average price: £1.70

8. Warsaw

Average price: £1.69

7. Cairo

Average price: £1.65

6. Belgrade

Average price: £1.52

5. Mexico City

Average price: £1.47

4. Krakow

Average price: £1.29

3. Cape Town

Average price: £1.29

2. Kiev

Average price: £1.15

1. Bratislava

Average price: £1.14

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