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Check Your Pockets For This Rare Coin Selling For Hundreds On eBay

Pints on you.

After a summer of the hottest weather ever combined with England reaching the semi-final of the World Cup everyone is essentially skint.

Before you resort to selling your belongings on the dark web, you may want to check your pocket for a super-rare 50p coin that could be worth nearly £1000.

A series of collectable Beatrix Potter coins were released back in 2016 to celebrate 150 years since her birth and now they’re worth a small fortune.

Recently one of these sold for £840 on eBay the Birmingham Mail reports.

The particular coin in question was a 2016 Peter Rabbit 50p featuring Jemma Puddle Duck.



Don’t get too carried away if you do happen to find one, there are two different types of coin, a collectors version and the regular 50p.

If you can’t get your hands on the Beatrix Potter coin, here’s a few of the most expensive collectors coins we could find on eBay.

“Rare & collectable battle of Hastings 50p 2016”

Buy it now – £1,000


“50p UK Coin Collectable Benjamin Britten 2013 Commemorative Very Rare Circulated”

Buy it now – £1,395


“50p Olympic Coins SWIMMING highly collectable”

Buy it now – £1,200


“1940 Battle Of Britain 50p Coin – Highly Collectable and Very Rare”

Buy it now – £1,150

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