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Chris Hemsworth Launched A Fitness App And People Love It

Get ripped with Thor.


It’s fairly obvious Chris Hemsworth takes fitness pretty seriously, I mean the guy literally plays Thor.

Obviously a ton of work goes into getting the actor into this genuinely terrifying shape and now he’s channeling that into a new fitness app.

The market for fitness apps is one that is already pretty saturated, so having a name like Chris Hemsworth attached to this is a massive selling point.

Still though, a lot of people clearly like the idea, as Centr is already the top app in the fitness space in the US and Australia just one day after being unveiled.

“I wanted to bring together a community of experts in the spaces of training, nutrition and mindfulness who have all at some point had a profoundly positive impact in my life,” the actor says.

 “I wanted an easy-to-use platform that people could access anywhere, anytime, anyplace.”

To bring the app together, Hemsworth and his wife Elsa Pataky (also a fitness author) hand-picked an expert team of well-known trainers, celebrity chefs and mindfulness gurus.

Some of these names include the actor’s personal trainer Luke Zocchi, vegan bodybuilder Torre Washington, yoga instructor Tahl Rinsky and chef Dan Churchill.

“We all have untapped potential, and surrounding oneself with the right people, who motivate and inspire and push you to grow, is essential to living a healthier happier life,” said Hemsworth.

“I’m beyond grateful for the opportunities I’ve had and who I’ve been able to interact with and learn from and wanted to share that team with people on a global scale.”

Users can take part in workouts that range from high-intensity interval training, to boxing, yoga, strength training and MMA exercises.


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