A Dating App Exclusively For People Who Went To Private School Has Launched

It’s already been heavily criticised.

Toffee Dating will charge users £4.99 merely for the privilege of downloading and then a further £4.99 per month they want to continue that privilege.

The fees involved will apparently contribute to the ‘high-end feel’ of the app. Don’t worry though, if you get in early you can download the ‘founder member’ version which is free for the first six months.

Turns out everyone loves a freebie, despite their place of education or inherent wealth.

Set up by Lydia Davis, 36 and a professional matchmaker she insists the app isn’t there to promote snobbery. But to help people fall in love. (If the potential suitors both hail from privileged backgrounds of course.)

“The premise is simple: if you attended a fee-paying school, you can sign up and flick through potential matches who have a similar background. Tailored to people on the posher end of the spectrum, users are asked to answer questions about the society events they attend (Henley or SW4?), the sports they prefer (polo or rugby?) and how they divide their time between the town and the country.”

Obviously, the idea has come in for it’s fair share of criticism…

It’s hard to remain neutral with a topic like this. With it having such a direct link to students (ie our audience) it’s a worrying concept.

My issue doesn’t lie with whether you have been privately educated or not. My issue lies in the fact that there are obviously people out there who view this as a valid division in terms of building a relationship.

There’s enough class segregation appearing in every day life as it is. Surely love should be one sector left untouched by the issue. If even love isn’t sacred enough to not be corrupted by this, then what is?

Personally I went to a pretty rough school. However I’d like to think that’s built me into a half-decent guy. I got good grades, went to university and graduated with a humble, yet respectable 2:1.

If someone saw where my education began as a hindrance on any potential romance – I imagine the greater problem lies with their morals, not my background.

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