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Deep-Fried Cadbury Creme Eggs Are A Thing And They Sound Incredible

So wrong it’s right.

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It’s a commonly known fact that lathering anything in batter and deep-frying it makes it 100 times better.

Cadbury Creme Eggs are no exception to that rule either, as one Birmingham chippy has found out.

Speaking to local press, Royston Spencer, who owns Major’s, said: “Other chip shops have been doing them for a while, so we thought we would give them a go. Everyone who has tried them has loved them.”

The Easter special will only set customers back £1 and is proving to be a hit.

Spencer added that the creation would make a return next Easter, just like the Christmas offering of battered mince pie – which sounds equally as tempting.

If the deep fried goodness doesn’t tickle your fancy, we recently stumbled across Creme Egg-inspired rum.

The brainchild of Sweet Little Drinks, Creme Egg rum liqueur is available now for £21.99. The site’s description explains how the liqueur is “based on the classic childhood sweet we all know and love”. Sweet Little Drinks says “the experience is luxurious and perfectly balanced”, suggesting that you drink it over ice or as an addition to your favourite cocktail.

Sweet Little Drinks

At 18%, it’s not the same as full ABV rum, but remember that we’re here to promote sensible drinking. Elsewhere, there’s another taste of chocolate heaven with Bounty-inspired rum. Just like the famous Mars chocolate bar that gets coconut stuck in your teeth, Bounty liqueur is sure to divide the nation.

Other options include Black Jack or candy cane-inspired gins, donut-flavoured rum, and Jelly Baby gin. Basically, if you have a sweet tooth and love a cheeky tipple, check them out!

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