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These University Degrees Have The Highest Dropout Rates

Not to put you off or anything…


University isn’t for everyone. Sadly it will take some people signing up for a course before they realise this.

There’s no set reasons for a person dropping out of their course. Every case is completely unique.

That being said, there are obviously some courses that have higher dropout rates than others.

Channel 4 have collected data from the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) to find which courses have the highest dropout percentages.

Computing – 10.7%

Despite it’s growing importance, computing courses, by a fair bit, have the highest percentage of first year dropouts.

Advertising – 7.7%

Turns out the industry wasn’t quite like Mad Men after all…

Agriculture – 7.4%

“The cultivation and breeding of animals, plants and fungi for food, fibre, biofuel, medicinal plants and other products to sustain and enhance human life.” Should we be worried?

Art / Architecture / Business – 7.3%

All sitting level. Architecture students definitely have an excuse with the whole 7 year degree thing, yikes.

Biology / Engineering – 6.7% 

I mean, doing a biology degree is brave in the first place.

Education – 6.1%

Thousands of students simultaneously realising what little s***s they were as kids…

Joint Honours – 6%

Bravo for being ambitious, maybe biting off a tad more than you could chew though?

Medical (Not Medicine) – 5.9%

Downfall of the NHS etc etc.

Social Studies / Law – 5.7%

Social Studies – Widely regarded as useless anyway.
Law – Very hard.

Obviously this isn’t intended to put anyone off in any kind of way. In the grand scheme of how many students take these courses on, it’s still a small amount who decide it isn’t for them.

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