DO NOT Click Any Links That Say “Rowan Atkinson Has Died”

There’s no need to worry.

An online hoax that says Rowan Atkinson has died is tricking people into downloading a harmful virus.

There’s no need to worry as the actor is in fact, alive and well, so don’t be fooled into clicking on the link which could end up damaging your computer.

The fake breaking news, designed to look like a Fox News post claims that Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson)’ had died in a car crash whilst attempting a stunt. This is the link that is currently doing the rounds.

Hoax Slayer

According to fake news debunking site, Hoax Slayer, clicking the link will direct users to a fake security error page that will claim your computer has been locked, prompting you to call a support number.

However, ringing the number will result in scammers trying to acquire your credit card details in exchange for repairing your computer.

They may also attempt to trick you into downloading software that will allow scammers to access your computer, install malicious files and steal your personal data.

It’s not the first time Atkinson has fallen victim to sick online trolls, in 2016 rumours surfaced about his death and then reemerged the following year.

But fear not, Rowan is doing just fine, and we are all very happy about that.

In fact, he recently finished filming Johnny English Strikes Again, the third film in the comedy-spy franchise. The movie will land in UK cinemas 12 October.

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