Don’t F**K With Cats’ Biggest Mystery Has Just Been Solved

Is Manny Lopez real?

Don't F With Cats

If you haven’t watched Netflix’s Don’t F**k With Cats, seriously, where have you been? You’ve had the whole Christmas break to watch the three-part murder mystery that is almost nothing like its name implies. Now, internet sleuths think they’re cracked Don’t F**k with Cats‘ biggest mystery and the owner of the second pair of hands.

Warning: major spoilers for Don’t F**k With Cats ahead

As a brief refresher, the true crime documentary hones in on the horrific crime of an online madman who posted videos of himself killing cats. The case takes a gruesome turn when a group of cat-loving vigilantes go on the hunt for the man behind the acts and inadvertently question whether they’ve driven him to the murder of an international student called Jun Lin.

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The killer was eventually exposed as Luka Magnotta — a fame-hungry Canadian who claimed he was forced to commit these violent acts. Don’t F**ck With Cats made heroes out of Deanna Thompson and John Green as the pair of strangers who made it their mission to track down Luka and make him pay for his crimes.

It all ended during a chance encounter in a Berlin Internet cafe, leading to Luka’s trial and incarceration, where he remains today. However, Don’t F**ck With Cats didn’t quite tie everything up in a neat bow as many were left questioning, “Who owns the second set of hands?” and whether Manny Lopez is a real person.

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Prior to the release of the stomach-churning video that showed the murder of Jun Lin, Magnotta was seen feeding a kitten to a Burmese python. There was a second set of hands in the video, which Luka claimed belonged to the villainous Lopez.

While Luka claimed Manny was his bullying and unhinged ex-lover who led him into this sadistic world, there’s never been any evidence that Manny existed. In reality, it looks like Luka created Manny and his own twisted fantasy as an ode to Paul Verhoeven’s Basic Instinct. So, just who owns the second pair of hands?

The question has been bugging fans since the credits rolled, but a little internet sleuthing of our own pulls up a pretty definitive answer. When one person asked over on Reddit, they were directed to a tweet (of a screenshot) from John Green. Even though Green keeps his real name a secret — despite appearing himself in the documentary — he proved instrumental in the chase and capture of Magnotta.

According to Green, the hands belong to an unsuspecting neighbour. A researcher from CBC’s Fifth Estate documentary reportedly went and interviewed Magnotta’s neighbours for the network’s own take on the tale. A female neighbour confessed she was the woman holding the python. She’s never named and it’s unclear if any formal charges were made against her, but either way, it looks like we can close the case file on this one.

That being said, there are still plenty of lingering plot threads that we’ll probably never be able to answer unless we get inside the head of Magnotta himself. Either way, Don’t F**k With Cats will have you never looking at cat videos or Basic Instinct in the same way again.

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