Eight Old Habits That Have Been Ruined By Technology

Oh sweet nostalgia.

MSN Messenger / Limewire

As technology moves on, we wave goodbye to certain things that just don’t belong in modern times.

Something we found great enjoyment in at one point in our lives quickly becomes extinct. Leaving behind memories of ‘the good ol’ days’.

Here’s a few of the standout moments from our childhood that sadly no longer serve a purpose:

1 – Knowing your friends’ landline off by heart

Before mobiles came into play it was the humble house phone that was the main source of communication. It was simple. If you could remember your friends house number without looking it up, you were bezzies.


2 – Using Limewire to get all of your music

In the early days of downloading music it wasn’t as simple as just going on ITunes. Even if you could, Limewire allowed for unlimited access to free music (even if it did riddle your computer with viruses).


3 – Having one friend that brought a digital camera out with them to every event

Before phones had cameras there was always somebody who took it upon themselves to carry around a chunky digital camera. The idea that somebody would bring a digital camera to a party now seems alien, but it was common practice when we were all youngsters.


4 – Spending hours on MSN

MSN was where relationships were made, and then broken. We used to use the platform for hours to speak to our crushes and share those ridiculous ‘rate me’ polls.

What do think of me?
1 – cute
2 – frien
3 – ugly
4 – best friend
You get the picture!


5 – Owning an MP3 player and being the most popular person in school

Before the iPod swept the planet, MP3 players were the musical listening device of choice. The early ones that didn’t even have a screen on were quite literally the original method of ‘shuffle play’.


7 – Knowing that the save icon on all computers is a floppy disk

Floppy disks were already fading out of usage when we were kids. You may have seen a few relics flying around in the IT room at school but probably never used a physical one.


8 – Playing Rollercoaster Tycoon, The Sims, or Age of the Empires on the PC

Playing games on the PC was a key part of our childhood. It was a time when games would take forever to download and playing over the Internet was only a pipe dream. Rollercoaster Tycoon had to be an absolute favorite – I spent many an hour cleaning up vomit from my theme park.


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