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10 People You Will Encounter On Your End Of Night Walk Home

All the old favourites.


When the night draws to a close there is always a deliberation. Walk or play it safe and get a taxi?

Opting for the tipsy stumble home can seem like a fantastic idea when you’ve still got energy to burn, it can also hold some potentially hilarious encounters along the way.

We’ve compiled a list of every stereotype you’ll come across as you make your way back home.

1 – The “had one too many”

The drunk one who is on a mission to make it home but walks like an extra from the walking dead.

2 – The late night muncher

The hungry one who is most likely loitering around the takeaway or leaning against a lamp-post dining on a kebab or cheesy chips.

3 – The samaritan 

The angel like individual helping those in a more sorry state than themselves, the true heroes of the night.

4 – The road walker

The one whom strolls leisurely in the middle of the road for no real purpose except for the fact they can.

5 – The stealer

The individual who finds it humorous to steal traffic cones, small potted plants or the odd diversion sign.

6 – The fighter

The one who for some reason has got to assert themselves as a dominant force…

7 – The late night worker

Anything from the roadside cleaners, policemen or if you are late enough the milkman.

8 – The sleeper

The individual who has surpassed the ‘one too many’ stage and is now passed out on a nearby bench.

9 – The chatty loner

The individual who has somehow lost their crew but annoyingly initiates conversation with anybody in their path.

10- The singers

The individual or group who decide to sing anything from chart hits to their favourite hometown football songs.



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