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Energizer Unveils Phone With ‘World’s Most Powerful Battery’

We all know someone who needs this…


A brand new Energizer phone claims to boast a battery life that will last up to 50 days on one charge.

The ‘Power Max P18K Pop, made by Avenir Telecom will apparently allow users to watch two days of video and listen to 100 hours of music before they would need to recharge.

The device was unveiled at the 2019 Mobile World Congress (MWC) and tech fans have blessed it with the title of “thick boi” thanks to it’s chunky appearance.

People attending MWC have been sharing snaps of the phone to highlight the sheer size of the thing.

Makers say that despite its size, the Power Max P18K Pop has all the features you’d expect from an Android smartphone in 2019.

Rob Baillie, mobile comms expert at, said: “This handset really calls the bluff of those who complain that the latest handsets are all style over substance when what they really want is for basics like battery life to be improved.

“I think even the most stoic power user would balk at this solution, particularly at the price point it is.”

“Huawei has come a long way with moving towards solving this problem in a slick, sexy and small package, but ultimately you have to make some battery sacrifice to get the full suite of the average mobile service.

“Whilst we’ve no doubt the niche market is here, this is reminiscent of the first generation of smartphones, and it’s a lot to put up with for the sake of not packing a charger.”

Avenir Telecom apparently plans to sell it for €599 in Europe, which converts to roughly $680 in the US or £515 here in the UK.



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