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The 12 Stages Every Student Goes Through In An Exam

Sound familiar?

Most people would agree that exams are a vastly unenjoyable experience, the stresses, pressures and general sadness they bring are generally awful.

To many, exams probably seem a bit outdated. It’s understandable really, there’s no career-based situation that this test is apparently preparing you for that is remotely similar to the conditions of an exam.

More than anything, it’s just a test of memory really isn’t it?

There’s also the distinct stages that student’s endure throughout the course of their test paper. You glance across the room and you can pin-point exactly which stage your peers are facing.

Here’s all five.

1. I’ve got this, I actually prepared

It’s cruel really, the false sense of security you manage to lull yourself into because on this one occasion you did actually revise.

2. That first question must be a mistake, moving on

Not too sure about this first question, maybe if I carry on it’ll jog my memory…

3. Ok. I don’t got this

So it wasn’t just that first question.

4. Maybe I’ve got the wrong paper?

They could have made a mistake. Couldn’t they?

5. Maybe I can confuse them in the ‘explain your working’ section

It’s all about interpretation right? What they don’t know, won’t hurt them?

6. If I fake illness can I get out of this?

Mitigating circumstances? It is a thing after all.

7. Does any of this even matter?

I mean, in the grand scheme of things? Should I really let a test define me? There are mysteries of the universe to be solved…I could solve them.

8. Could do with a job after this though…

It could be a little bit important I guess.

9. Come on, focus

Please, just write something…

10. I wonder what’s for dinner…


11. One final push

Right this is it, I’m going to ace it.

12. Acceptance

Ahh well, I can always resit…

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