The 10 Most Exciting Cities In The World Have Been Revealed

Any surprises in here?

Glamorous nightlife, cultural hotspots, great food – they’re all part of what make these cities so iconic.

Time Out conducted a poll, quizzing 15,000 people on a number of factors, to find what they considered to be the most exciting cities across the globe.

The travel publication’s annual City Life Index quizzed urbanites from 32 cities around the world on food, culture, happiness, affordability and friendliness to find the best cities for living life to the full.


10. Barcelona

The cities exciting and delicious food culture played a huge part in their inclusion.


9. Philadelphia

Philly was actually rated the most affordable city in the world and one of the most enjoyable to live in.


8. Lisbon

Whilst locals admitted they felt they had to earn slightly more to be comfortable, it was one of the cheapest for travellers.


7. Manchester

After tragic events in 2017, locals said the best thing about the city was its attitude of ‘we carry on, no matter what’.


6. Madrid

Apparently locals go out to bars more than anyone else on the planet and are more likely to send a naked picture to a stranger than anyone else. Splendid.


5. London

The British capital is one of the best for food and culture, with locals being happier than their stereotype suggests.


4. Melbourne

Melburnians are the world’s happiest city-dwellers, with the city actually doing more exercise than anywhere else.


3. New York

Whilst it ranked highest for stress levels, its strong showing in the culture, food and drink department skyrocketed the city into the top 3.


2. Porto

For travellers, it’s the cheapest city for a night out, it’s also apparently the best place in the world for making friends and finding love.


1. Chicago

The Windy City’s bar, live music and culture scene combining with affordability ensured Chicago bagged the top spot.


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