EXCLUSIVE: Olivia And Alex Bowen Speak Out About Joe Garratt’s ‘Intense Behaviour’

They also settled the ‘Bev’ debate once and for all…

Student Problems caught up with Love Island alum recently to discuss their current partnership with VK and New Look.


To celebrate the start of a new season of Love Island, all over summer VK will be holding competitions across their social channels with exclusive chances to be styled by the pair in New Look clothes, just by heading over to the Instagram account @VKofficial.

We sat down with the happily married couple to discuss all things nostalgia, alco-pop and Love Island.

VK x New Look

Hey Liv and Alex! So let us all know, what enticed you about this partnership with VK and New Look?

Olivia: A while ago we did the photoshoot and it was so fun, and we just remembered that when we were younger we would drink VK, when we started going out it was THE drink to have, and when a brand comes to you that you already loved it’s just an easy decision. Even more so that VK is working with New Look – I used to shop in New Look, still do.

So after all this time, what would you say is your favourite flavour VK drink?

Alex: Watermelon, I say that every time without even thinking about it.
Olivia: Still Blue, although I tried the Orange and Passionfruit one the other day and that was really good – definitely one of the faves.

So if you could create any VK flavour in the world, what would you make?

Olivia: Bubblegum
Alex: Gobstopper 


One of the biggest questions Love Island fans have had about the new series so far is: Is Joe Garrett acting a bit too intense towards Lucie Donlan, or is it normal to ‘fall for someone’ within just a few days in that sort of environment?

Olivia: A lot happens when you’re in that villa, after all you’re stuck to each other for 24 hours and I think you do start to form bonds a lot quicker than you would on the outside. 
Alex: Well just think, you don’t know the time, they take all the clocks out so you don’t have any concept of time and just two days can feel like a week/two weeks, you’ve got no phones so all you’ve got is each other to talk to.
Olivia: You end up having really in-depth conversations and really getting to know each other, so I can’t really blame him (Joe) for feeling quite attached so early on – especially if he’s an emotional person. 

Now that you’ve been inside the villa, and lived life on the outside with everything that’s come after it – what would be one thing you would change if you could do it all over again?

Both: Nothing.
Olivia: I think I did everything I felt I needed to do, I’m the kind of person who doesn’t live with regrets, like I think if it was right for me then then it was alright for me now. If I made a mistake then it was meant to happen, and I believe in the butterfly effect.
Alex: You can look back at it sometimes and cringe a bit, but big decisions – well, everything worked out for the best didn’t it? 
Olivia: Yeah I’d probably not cry as much if I was to go in again, but if you change that one thing you just don’t know what would have happened after that?
Alex: Even though we’ve been out here, if we were to go back in with all the knowledge we have now you’d still lose your head in there. What with the show changes and producers, you probably wouldn’t even be able to prepare for what would happen anyways. 

VK x New Look

Do you have any advice for this year’s Islanders?

Alex: Obviously it’s a bit of a touchy subject, but you don’t have to expect Love Island to give you loads of aftercare because when you come out of any job, your old boss doesn’t help you out – but you’ve got family and friends around you and they do give you aftercare but it’s just that some people suffer more than others. 
Olivia: I definitely think I’d remind them to keep their family and friends close, take a few hours out of your day to take your phone away and just keep yourself away from some things and try and keep remembering that the people that matter won’t mind, and the people who will mind don’t matter.
Alex: People who will say bad things to you aren’t even saying it from real accounts, they hide behind fake accounts and just think – they wouldn’t say these horrible things to you in the streets so just don’t take any notice of it online. 
Olivia: As for the whole celebrity aspect, take every opportunity as it comes. You never know how long it’s going to last – no-one does, don’t expect too much, do everything you can and take every opportunity given to you. 

Oh, and for a bit of fun – can you remember what your cringiest first email address was?

Alex: Mine was SexyAlex07
Olivia: How old were you, like 12?! Well, I clearly wasn’t as promiscuous as Alex at that age, I was Horse_Honey because I liked horses, and my second one was x.Livvy.Lou.La.x

And finally: Is ‘Bev’ a drink, or does it mean someone’s fit?

Olivia: A BEV IS A DRINK! It’s a beverage!
Alex: A bevvy is definitely a beer.


VK is giving away 20% off at New Look with every purchase of their mixed pack, that retails at £10 in your local Tesco, Asda, Nisa and Spar.

[Featured Image Credit: VK / ITV]

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