Fans Are ‘Reporting ITV To Ofcom’ Following Last Night’s I’m A Celeb

“FFS well that’s Christmas RUINED”


I’m A Celebrity fans have lashed out at Ian Wright following last night’s episode, accusing him of ‘ruining Christmas’.

Discussing Christmas in their own homes and what their traditions would be, some of the campmates let it slip that being Santa Claus was a job they enjoyed doing each year – basically alluding to the fact that the big guy isn’t real – despite the fact that quite a lot of children do watch I’m A Celeb.

Ian told the camp that he’d dress up as Santa for his daughters, seven-year-old Roxanne and 10-year-old Lola.

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“When the girls were really young I was Father Christmas as well,” Ian told his fellow campmates, going on to say that one of his daughters eventually quizzed him on his appearance.

While many of the audience loved their candid chat about Christmas Day, many people lashed out on social media and accused ITV of ‘ruining Christmas for their children’.

“@antanddec #ImACeleb just ruined f*cking Christmas for my kids.. nice one,” one fuming parent wrote.

“@ITV fancy airing a section on #ImACeleb where camp mates talk about Father Christmas in THAT way, shame on you, awkward Qs being asked now, have a bit more social awareness!!!!,” another vented.

A third threatened to go to OFCOM following the episode, saying: “If ever there was a need to complain to Ofcom now is the time! I have kids in my class that watch #ImACeleb at least send a warning you’re going to talk about Father Christmas!.”

[Featured Image Credit: ITV]

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