Fans Injured After Gunshot Rumours Spark Mass Evacuation At Lil Wayne Concert

Police say 12 fans were injured during the incident.


Lil Wayne’s set at the A3C festival in Atlanta was cut short on Sunday, after an incident sparked mass panic amongst fans. 

Around 12 people were injured as fans rushed to evacuate the venue midway through the musician’s set.

Early reports suggest the panic began due to an altercation between fans. Atlanta police tweeted that they believe someone in the crowd shouted that they had heard gunshots, leading to fans rushing to escape.

“It appears that someone in the crowd … yelled that they heard gunshots. This caused people at the event to attempt to flee the location.”

Authorities said about a dozen people sustained minor injuries from jumping fences and that they are investigating, but that they were  “unable to locate any evidence to support claims that shots were fired.”

The festival went on to confirm that an altercation had took place within the crowd, though no weapons were involved in the incident.

ABC News reported that Lil Wayne was five songs into his set when the violence broke out.

The musician Tweeted a message of support following the incident.

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