Fans Left Cringing After Liam Payne Posts Completely Naked Instagram Photo

We’re in a whole world of ‘Payne’

Liam Payne Naked

I’m all for a cringe social media faux pas from a celebrity, and thank the gods, Liam Payne just gave us one of the best we’ve seen in a while. The One Direction star literally bared all in a saucy Instagram snap and brings a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘Thirsty Thursday’.

Just when you think naming your kid Bear is the most toe-curling thing Payne could do, the 25-year-old gave the internet a particularly ‘cheeky’ photoshoot. Shared by photographer Mert Alas, he wrote “Get of my chair @liampayne #berlin #comingsoon [sic]”

Alas’ post soon went viral and amassed thousands of comments in a matter of hours. Safe to say, there were some thirsty responses to Payne’s saucy picture. One person wrote, “I wish I was a chair so he could sit on my face,” while another drooled, “Are you pregnant? B*tch I might be.”

Elsewhere, Alas shared a slightly more tasteful shot of Payne for a Hugo Boss campaign. Payne isn’t the only 1-D member to get it all out. In 2014, a bizarre photo of Harry Styles’ ass started doing the rounds. He was seen peeing into a bush and weirdly prompted Sir Mix-A-Lot to say Styles has “a cute bum.”

At least going nude means we can’t ridicule Payne’s fashion choices. In the past, the star has had some *erm* questionable outfits. Branded more Ali G than Jay Z, Payne hit the headlines in 2018 with his infamous jet lag post. Dressed in a denim jacket and red Mona Lisa tracksuit bottoms, he stuck up his middle finger and captioned his post: “You can only get jet lag from a jet, the rest of y’all have got plane lag. #NoF**ks.”

Liam Payne Instagram
Liam Payne Instagram

Whatever your views, Payne sees himself as something of a trendsetter in the wardrobe department. Speaking to the Evening Standard, he said:

“I’ve got a long way to go before I could be considered a style icon.”

“There’s a shot of me wearing this furry thing with no T-shirt and sunglasses on – inside – and red jogging bottoms. I don’t know what was going on that day.

“I think there was a part of me that enjoyed that the way I was dressing was annoying people – I was like, I’m going to get abused whatever I wear.”

Okay, taxi for Payne, please. Can his mummy please come and collect him and tell him to put some bloody clothes on?!?

[Featured Image: Liam Payne Instagram/Apple]

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