Five Fool-Proof Ways To Avoid The Dreaded Freshers’ Flu

Give your immune system a helping hand.


Kicking off your time at university can really be a shock to the system, that’s why it’s so important to make sure you’re looking after your body both physically and mentally.

A brand new environment, being in close quarters with others, a questionable diet and a less-than-ideal amount of sleep can all take their toll.

We’ve pulled together five simple ways you can help protect yourself from freshers’ flu during your first few weeks at university.


Get a good night’s sleep

We’re under no illusion, we know your sleep pattern is going to take something of a hit, but it’s vital to recharge your batteries.

This is when your body gets to work repairing itself, yet it’s something so many of us neglect.

Remove yourself from technology when getting in bed, treat yourself to a soothing sleepy tea and spray a little lavender mist on your pillow.


Don’t fall into the takeaway trap

Look, we’re all guilty of the occasional takeaway and that’s fine, we all deserve a treat now and again.

Relying on fast-food as your main source of nutrition is only going to end badly. Ensure you’re getting foods high in Vitamin C and maybe think about stocking up on some multivitamins to give yourself an extra boost.

Take a look at our quick and simple recipes for students who can’t cook for some meal-time inspiration.



We’re not saying run a marathon every day, but improving your overall fitness will in turn strengthen your immune system.

Little changes like opting to walk to lectures rather than getting a taxi can kickstart your path to a healthier lifestyle.

If the gym isn’t for you try these straightforward home workouts that you can do from the comfort of your own bedroom and check out Holland & Barrett’s sports nutrition range to get a head-start on your fitness journey.


Don’t worry about saying no

During your time at university there will be PLENTY of opportunities to go out with your mates.

That means you shouldn’t be pressured into any nights out that you’re not be feeling up to, you’ll only feel worse for it in the morning. Plus, odds are you’re not going to miss out on much.

Self-care becomes more important than ever when you start university, so don’t worry about treating yourself to some me-time now and again.


Keep your surroundings hygienic

Obviously this can be a pretty big ask when sharing a bathroom with three other people but we can’t stress enough how important it is.

Dirty flats are a breeding ground for infection, especially in kitchens and bathrooms.

Adding some immunity-boosting supplements to your daily routine wouldn’t be the worst idea.

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