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Five Things I Wish I Knew Before Going To University

Hindsight is easy etc etc.

September seems much closer and results day is approaching. It’s often seen that university students are experts at what we do. We know the tricks and hacks to managing our lives. But, little do others know we are all equally as clueless and are literally hanging by a thread.

Instead, we think back to them years at school and college and I think we would pay good money to go back to that life, wishing what school should have taught me before living on £10.00 a week, wondering what the hell am I even doing with my life?

(Don’t worry here are some tips so you can be 5% less clueless than me)


The worst thing about being a uni student is literally all the tasks you have to complete independently. Forget being spoon-fed by your teachers and imagine completing tonnes of reading; brand new material that feels like it has been written by a whole different species. All these new textbooks that cost a fortune each which you’ll probably never use but is what the lecturer will continuously refer from 24/7 despite you reading it over and over again, and still not having a single clue what the hell they are talking about. Story of my life right?

How to save your money

Remember how textbooks cost a fortune? Well apparently shopping for basic necessities that stop you from dying, like food also cost a lot too. Who knew? Well clearly no one because I have been living on instant noodles, my friend is rationing her crisps and no one can eat out unless they have a voucher code. What is this monstrosity? A crash course in saving my money is all we are asking for!

First year don’t count

This is probably the most popular phrase you will probably hear at uni. But, those same people will probably turn up to a handful of lectures and have no idea what any of the content in the degree will be about for the coming years  So maybe first year isn’t as important as the rest, but if you actually want to know what you are going to be learning for the next few years, attend those lectures, because chances are you’ll do better. Preach!


Party, Party, Party!! Go out and meet lots of people. But, prepare for the BTS issues like homesickness, hangovers and DRAMA! That’s right, freshers can be amazing and it remains a genuinely handy way to meet people. At the opposite end, if you’re not feeling up to it, you 100% won’t be the only person, so don’t force yourself into anything you don’t feel comfortable doing – There’s plenty of other ways to make new friends.

Breakdowns and trying to remain stress-free

The biggest challenge in being a uni student is dealing with the constant thought of failure and dealing with the struggles of managing your work, social and study lives. These can all be very time consuming but, it does not mean you should neglect one for the other. Instead, many people do not realise the toll it takes for us to makes sure we find a good balance between hard work and relaxing. So, remember uni will steal what’s left of your soul and spirit but, it’ll be worth it when you look back at all the memories you have made with people who stick with you for life.

So here it is. 5 things I had wished I had known at Uni. Can you think of anymore?


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