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Five Tips To Help Keep You Alert In Your 9am Lectures

Anything we can do to help.


When timetables come out at the start of the semester the first thing we all look for is the dreaded 9am lecture.

It really is a life-ruiner and will quickly become your biggest hate at university. Even more so than that flatmate who refuses to EVER clean the dishes.

Fear not though, it’s not all doom and gloom – here are a few tips to help you out in those dark times when you do decide to actually attend.

1 – Sit on the front row

I know it may be daunting to sit on the front row but it pays dividends to do so.

Firstly being on the front row puts you in the direct view of your professor – this stops your mind wandering out of fear of being called out. Secondly, and most importantly, it is louder. The close proximity between you and your professor should hopefully deter any nap related accidents.


2 –Do a coordination drill

Studies have shown that testing yourself with minor coordination drills like bouncing two balls at the same time for around 10 minutes can improve your attention span. It may be a big ask to do it in the morning but hey why not give it a go.


3 – Take a cold shower

The idea of a cold shower in the morning sounds terrible, we get that. However, a simple temperature change at the end of your normal shower can have a huge impact on your alertness. As cold water hits your body a temporary state of hysteria takes place. The body reacts with an increased heart rate and heavy breathing. Both of these factors increase your alertness due to a higher oxygen intake.


4 – Pull your earlobes

Admittedly in the lecture theatre you wouldn’t want to be spotted doing this but Acupressure (touch therapy) has been proven to work for certain people. The ears are connected to a large number of nerve endings which apparently when lightly pulled stimulate your brain.

5 – Drink cold water

After a nights sleep our bodies are missing vital nutrients to keep us going. Dehydration plays a key factor in lowering alertness because our bodies are not equipped to their full potential. Jennifer May from Sydney City Nutritionists highlights the importance of ice-cold water and how it rejuvenates the body in the morning by giving us a burst of energy.


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